Notifications! All dear students who have participated in the first and miscellaneous exams of Khansani Year 4 of this institute are informed that the Khansani lessons will start on 1/5/20.

Job announcement
The Rahnavard Institute of Health Sciences is required in the Department of Ability, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nursing and Prosthodontics.
Prerequisites for registration:
1- Having a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field;
1- At least two years of relevant work experience;

  • Deadline for announcement: 1/5/7
    _ End date: 1/5/8
    Interested parties can submit their accident reports, along with supporting documents, to the Directorate of Rahnavard Institute of Health Sciences or to the following email address.
    Contact number: 0770787002
    Address: Mazar-e-Sharif Forty Vineyards of Seyyed Abad

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