Second round of graduation celebration of Rahnavard University School of Dentistry!

The second round of graduation ceremony of Rahnavard University School of Dentistry was attended by the Honorable Gholam Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, Vice President of Ibrahimzadeh Group Companies and Deputy Chairman of Balkh Province Chamber of Commerce and Investments The crowning medicine of the Crown Institute of Higher Education and the faculty of Rahnavard University were held in a very friendly atmosphere, with the assistance of deputies, faculty leaders, department heads, professors and esteemed parents.

In this program, the alumni of this college have pledged to establish a dental association in Balkh to improve the quality of dental medicine.
Recently, graduates of Rahnavard University School of Dentistry have given a statue of Rahnavard to thank the honorable humanitarian and constructive function of the Honorable Gholam Abbas Ebrahimzadeh, the elected lawyer of Balkh province at the House of Nations and the founder and founder of a large educational, educational and health network The grateful tribute was given to his eldest son, Ghulam Mohammad Ebrahimzadeh, and they also thanked the leadership of Rahnavard University and their esteemed professors for their hard work during the course of their studies.
The leadership of Rahnavard University congratulates the students on their graduation day to all of their dear graduates and dear parents and wishes them all success and prosperity from God Almighty!

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